Slovenia Takes Delivery of Oshkosh JLTV 4×4 Combat Vehicles

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Slovenian Army (Slovenskavojska) has taken delivery of 4×4 Joint Light Tactical Vehicles (JLTV) manufactured by American company Oshkosh Defense.

“Modernization of Slovenskavojska has finally begun. With the new light armored vehicles Oshkosh 4 × 4, our soldiers will be more successful and safer in tasks at home and abroad,” Matej Tonin, Minister of Defense of Slovenia, tweeted recently.

The contract for the purchase of these vehicles was signed in 2018. It includes the delivery of 38 JLTVs (local designation: LKOV 4x4s) integrated with Kongsberg’s Protector M153 Remote Weapon Stations (RWS). The Protector RWS for the Slovenian vehicles is armed with one 12.7mm machine; and optionally, the turret can be armed with a single launcher for the Israeli-made Spike LR anti-tank guided missile. In December 2020, Slovenian armed forces completed a successful firing of Rafael’s Spike LR missiles from a JLTV vehicle.

The acquisition is first in a series – and Slovenia will procure additional 36 systems in 2021.