Turkey’s ALPAGU Fixed-Wing UAV Test Fires Ammunition

Image about Turkey’s ALPAGU Fixed-Wing UAV Test Fires Ammunition

Turkey’s ALPAGU fixed-wing UAV developed by STM, fired ammunition during its tests on Thursday.

“The Fixed Wing Intelligent Strike UAV System developed by STM with its national engineering capability, capable of effective operation day and night by a single soldier, successfully carried out the test fire with ALPAGU ammunition,” head of the Defence Industries Presidency (SSB), Ismail Demir, tweeted.

According to STM, the ALPAGU Fixed-Wing Autonomous Tactical Attack UAV is designed for both reconnaissance and surveillance and for striking targets outside the line of sight with high accuracy. It can be carried by a single soldier, and can operate autonomously or with remote control.

ALPAGU can be effectively used day and night against fixed or moving targets with the help of embedded and real-time image processing and deep learning algorithms that we have developed with national facilities.

The system is comprised of “Fixed-Wing Smart Ammunition System”, Launcher” and “Ground Control Station” components.