Turkey’s 1.9 Kilogram Loitering Munition, Alpagu Hits Target in Test

Image about Turkey’s 1.9 Kilogram Loitering Munition, Alpagu Hits Target in Test

Turkey’s tactical fixed-wing loitering munition, ‘Alpagu’ hit target with pinpoint accuracy in a test fire by the military.

Weighing less than two kilograms, Alpagu can be operated by a single soldier. Its small size makes it nearly immune to radar and the target’s defensive  systems are unaware of the killer drone’s presence until the last moment.

Presidency of Defense Industries (SSB) Chairperson Ismail Demir announced the development via a Twitter statement Thursday. “A direct hit from Alpagu which has a small weight but a huge impact!” he stated.

The Alpagu is Developed by Turkish firm, STM Defense Technologies Engineering and Trade, successfully carried out the test fire along with the military. It is not known what type of ammunition was used on the fire-and-forget, also known as Kamikaze drone.

A SSB press release later said that the drone hit its target with a direct hit in the test shot carried out in the Aksaray Shooting Range. “After launch, Alpagu, which carried out its flight for about 10 minutes, tracked the target through image tracking software. Alpagu, which could not be detected by the target until the last moment with its high maneuvering quality, destroyed its target with live ammunition,” it said.

The Alpagu has an operational Range of 5 km, mission endurace of 10 minutes, altitude of 400 ft, cruise Speed of 50 knots and maximum Speed of 65 knots. It is powered by a Lithium-Polymer battery and can be deployed in one minute.