Rostec Subsidiary Develops Decoy Cartridge to Deceive Smart Missiles

Image about Rostec Subsidiary Develops Decoy Cartridge to Deceive Smart Missiles

Tekhnodinamika Holding, a subsidiary of Russia’s Rostec has developed a decoy cartridge to protect fighter jets from smart missiles.

Identified as L376-2 ‘Yagel,’ the cartridge is fired in the direction of the aircraft’s movement thereby confusing the missile at the last minute. It is capable of protecting aircraft with an optical guidance system twice as effectively as existing counterparts.

The decoys can be fired one at a time or all at once.

The new cartridge can protect the aircraft from advanced missiles with kinematic target selection. They can recognize simpler decoy cartridges that lag behind the aircraft due to aerodynamic drag.

“New decoy cartridges in combination with advanced electronic warfare and tactical techniques can significantly reduce the likelihood of hitting combat aircraft by both anti-aircraft and aircraft missiles with an optical guidance system equipped with kinematic target selection. The product is twice as good as foreign counterparts in terms of operating time, radiation power and the degree of protection of the aircraft. The cartridge is used at altitudes up to 20,000m, at speeds up to 1,500 kmph. A number of foreign partners have already shown interest in the development,” state-owned Rostec said in a statement.

The new cartridge will be unveiled for the first time at the MILEX-2021 International Exhibition of Arms and Military Equipment.