India’s DCM Shriram Industries Pays $3.5M to Buy 30% Stake in Turkish Drone Maker

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India’s DCM Shriram Industries has acquired 30% of the Turkish unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) producer, Zyrone Dynamics, in a deal worth $3.5 million.

Under the partnership, Zyrone will be providing the Indian company with technological support and both parties will support each other in marketing the products in India and around the globe.

“Zyrone will sell its products to India and its neighbors in the Asian market, after which it also hopes to export drones to Europe and Australia,” Murat Kanber, co-founder of Zyrone Dynamics, was quoted as saying by Turkish government-run Anadolu Agency on Thursday.

The deal was signed at the International Defense Industries Fair (IDEF) in Istanbul, Turkey. At the event Zyrone showcased two new UAVs, with the highest-flying speed in their class. The drones exhibited were named ZCQM and ZCOM.

ZCQM, belongs to a class of mini multi-rotor UAV platform. The company reports that the drone can perform flight missions for more than 70 minutes with a payload of 500 grams. ZCQM can accelerate to 100 kilometers per hour. The ZCQM platform can fly autonomously and manually against winds exceeding 50 kilometers per hour.

The ZCOM platform, which can operate for 30 minutes with a payload of 25 kilograms, and has a flight time of 2 hours with a lighter payload of 1.5 kilograms.