Russian ‘Container’ Radar Can Track Stealth Fighters From Takeoff to Touchdown

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The battlefield advantage of F-35 stealth aircraft might be under threat as Russian specialists claim to have developed a “Container” radar complex capable of tracking the fighter’s movements.

“Accordingly, knowing from open sources where the F-35s are based, and knowing that they flew, we can confidently say that we saw and accompanied them,” Ria quoted general director of the RTI Systems, Yuri Anoshko as he spoke about the radar at the Army-2021 forum.

Anoshko stated that the over-the-horizon station operates in the so-called short wave range, although their length ranges from tens to hundreds of meters. In this case, the effect achieved through the use of radio-absorbing coatings and the shape of the aircraft itself ceases to work.

“For an over-the-horizon station, the use of stealth technology is not an obstacle to detection” Yuri added.

Stealth Technology relies of reducing the reflection of certain ranges of wavelengths of radiation commonly used by onboard radars of other aircraft and radars of anti-aircraft missile systems. Yuri stated that the Russian over-the-horizon “Container” radars track US made F-35 stealth aircraft and other “stealth” aircraft at the expense of certain wavelengths.