Navantia, Team awarded Fleet Solid Support ship Design Contract by UK MoD

Image about Navantia, Team awarded Fleet Solid Support ship Design Contract by UK MoD

Team Resolute, a UK consortium consisting of Navantia, Harland & Wolff and BMT, has been awarded a Competitive Procurement Phase (CPP) design contract by the UK Ministry of Defence – allowing the consortium to move forward within the Fleet Solid Support (FSS) Competition.

The Ministry of Defence has awarded four CPP design contracts, each initially worth around £5 million, to four contenders, including Team Resolute.

The contracts will enable the bidders to develop their design proposals and the next stage will seek details of how they would fulfil the wider delivery needs of the programme.

Team Resolute will develop its proposal to build three new Fleet Solid Support ships that the Royal Fleet Auxiliary require to support the Royal Navy. The CPP contract award means a significant step forward for Team Resolute, which is committed to providing the right capability to the Royal Navy and outstanding social value to the UK shipbuilding industry.

Team Resolute is a UK based collaboration between Harland & Wolff, BMT and Navantia, focused on strengthening UK sovereign shipbuilding capability and prosperity whilst driving down cost and production efficiencies.

The team is committed to transferring digital shipyard technology and knowledge to bring long-term economic benefit to the UK, aligning with the UK Government’s Net Zero 2050 carbon emissions strategy and vision. This includes several naval, commercial and offshore renewable opportunities potentially worth an additional £1bn to the UK economy over the next five years.