Russia to Develop Air-Droppable Tornado-G MRLS for Paratroopers

Image about Russia to Develop Air-Droppable Tornado-G MRLS for Paratroopers

Splav Research and Production Association, a subsidiary of Rostec-owned Technodinamika will develop the air-droppable version of the latest 122mm Tornado-G multiple launch rocket system (MLRS).

“The new state armaments program will likely to include a new modification, the air-droppable Tornado-G mounted on a new chassis. We are ready to carry out this work and it is up for the Russian Defense Ministry to make a decision,” Splav CEO Alexander Smirnov told TASS on Friday.

The Tornado-G is a 122mm MLRS is derived from the Grad system. The new multiple launch rocket system can deliver automatic fire from unprepared positions, which helps quickly open fire and switch the artillery system to its travel mode directly from the crew cabin and change the firing position.

Previously, the Grad-V air-portable MLRS was mounted on the chassis of the GAZ-66B truck and outfitted with a platform of 12 launching tubes was operational in the Soviet airborne troops.

Multiple launch rocket systems for Russian Navy

The company is developing MLRS for the Russian Navy to deliver artillery and rocket strikes and provide defense against underwater weapons, the chief executive said.

“The Splav currently continues work to create rocket-launched systems for the Navy to outperform their predecessors by combat and operational characteristics. They are designed to carry out strike missions and provide defense against seaborne underwater weapons,” he specified.

“Grad-M, Zapad and Udav-1M rocket-launched systems developed by our enterprise are in operational service with the Russian Navy,” he said.

The Splav Research and Production Association has launched the serial production of the latest smart rockets for the 300mm Tornado-S multiple launch rocket system, Splav CEO Smirnov said.

The 300mm Tornado-S long-range multiple launch rocket system can engage targets at a range of 120 km, covering an area of over 60 hectares. The system is capable of firing both single rockets and a salvo from 12 launching tubes.

“Such rockets are already being serial-produced. A long-term contract with the [Russian] Defense Ministry has been signed for their delivery to the troops,”the chief executive said.

Preparations are also currently underway for the preliminary trials of a new projectile with an enclosed drone for the Smerch MLRS, he said.