Egypt Reveals Indigenously-made Drones at EDEX-2021 Event

Image about Egypt Reveals Indigenously-made Drones at EDEX-2021 Event

Egypt showcased two its first two homegrown drones – Neuth drone and EJune-30 SW – at EDEX-2021 exhibition in Cairo.

The Neuth drone is named after Egyptian goddess of the sky. It is produced jointly by the Arab Organization for Industrialization and the Military Technical College. Designed for reconnaissance missions, it can reportedly carry up to a 50kg payload. The drone has an endurance of 10 hours and satellite integration capabilities, local media reported.

The other drone, EJune-30 SW, is 8.9m-long and is equipped with automated take-off and landing capabilities. It has a 12m wingspan and maximum take-off weight of 1400kg. The EJune-30 SW can reach speeds of 260kph, and 7000m in altitude, with 24 hours of endurance time. This drone is produced by Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production using complex industrial robots.

Egypt is also developing Thebes-30 unmanned aircraft for surveillance missions. This drone was also featured at EDEX-2021.