Naval Group Launches First Gowind Corvette for U.A.E. Navy

Image about Naval Group Launches First Gowind Corvette for U.A.E. Navy

Naval Group launched “Bani Yas,” the first corvette ordered by the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) on Saturday.

Abu Dhabi ordered two Gowind 2500 corvettes for $850 million in 2019. The French company will build the vessels in partnership with local shipyard Abu Dhabi Ship Building Company (ADSB).

Bani Yas (P110) left the dry-dock of Naval Group site in Lorient, the company said in a statement.

The second corvette is already under construction and will be launched next year.

Naval Group will also train the Navy’s crew from the equipment level up to the operational level. This training will start in France and will continue in the Arabian Gulf with collective training sessions on operational scenarios in the various fields of combat.

The Gowind 2500 corvette is 102m long and has a displacement at full load of around 2,800 tons. The corvette is manned by a crew of 65 sailors and the accommodation on board can accommodate up to 15 Special Forces operators. The aviation installations allow the use of a 10-ton class helicopter and an S-100 UAV.

The Combined diesel-electric and diesel-mechanical (CODED) propulsion system consist in two diesel engines (MTU) and two electric engines (Leroy-Somer) for a propulsive power of 10 MW. This allows the corvettes a maximum speed exceeding 25 knots. Their maximum range at 15 knots would be between 3,700-4,500 nautical miles.

Gowind corvettes for the U.A.E. will be heavily armed and will come equipped with some multiple rocket launchers likely for coastal fire support, Naval Group’s SETIS combat management system, MBDA’s Exocet missile and Raytheon’s Evolved Sea Sparrow Missiles.