Ukrainian Troops Start Operating Domestic BARS 8MMK Mobile Mortar Units

Ukrainian Troops Start Operating Domestic BARS 8MMK Mobile Mortar Units

Airborne assault troops of the Armed Forces of Ukraine began controlled operation of six BARS 8MMK mobile mortar units developed and manufactured by Ukroboronservice, a part of state-owned Ukroboronprom.

The equipment is designed to support the actions of mechanized units in the fight against raids, sabotage and reconnaissance groups, counter-battery combat and more.

The unit is equipped with a 120 mm mortar with a maximum range of high-explosive fragmentation mine up to 7100 m. In addition, it is equipped with a system that automatically adjusts the firing conditions based on information from the onboard weather station.

A significant advantage of BARS 8MMK is the speed of transfer from the starting position to the combat position and vice versa. This takes three times less time than similar weapons in the Armed Forces, despite the fact that the crew is twice smaller than the standard towing mortar.

Ukroboronservice is the only developer and manufacturer of mobile mortar installations BARS 8MMK and a provider of services for the training of crews and instructors for the operation and maintenance of this equipment. Currently, the company offers appropriate services to paratroopers.

“We fully financed the development of the installation, our specialists created and implemented a project to assemble individual parts into a single complex and did 60 minutes of warfare, which is three times more than the usual ammunition of a towed mortar,” said company director Volodymyr Voronin.