Russia to Train Argentinean Military Personnel

Russia to Train Argentinean Military Personnel

ussia will train Argentine military personnel in their country under a new agreement signed in Moscow recently.

“This is an agreement to facilitate the training of our officers and NCOs in Russian military institutions and it is a step that will allow a greater relationship between both Armed Forces,” said Minister Jorge Taiana.

This agreement will allow Argentine military to choose from the vast Russian military academic offer to continue their training in their careers. It is worth clarifying that said agreement does not present any obligation for the country, but rather offers the option of selecting courses and training in institutions of the Russian armed forces for Argentine military personnel to carry out. The proposal includes from language courses to flight training for pilots, courses for tactical divers, precision marksmen, training and / or improvement of officers, among many others, the Argentine defense ministry said in a release.

The agreement is similar to the one signed with the United States IMET program, through which the Department of Defense offers a series of courses and training activities for the armed forces, and economic and logistical facilities for the participation of Argentine military personnel.

In addition, the agreement with the Russian Federation joins the agreements signed by Argentina for educational exchange with other countries such as Germany, France, Italy, Brazil, Spain, China, Mexico, Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, among others.

It was signed in Moscow, where Secretary of International Defense Affairs, Francisco Cafiero met with the Deputy Minister for International Military Cooperation, Alexander Fomin. Likewise, Cafiero and Fomin agreed to institutionalize a mechanism of “Strategic Political Dialogue between Russia and Argentina on defense matters”, which had not yet materialized after the military cooperation agreement signed by both Defense Ministries in 2015.

During his stay in Russia, Secretary Cafiero also held meetings with authorities from the Federal Service for Military Technical Cooperation and Rosoboronexport – the only Russian company authorized to export and import products, technologies and services of a military nature and dual use.