Drone Maker “Kronstadt” Sets up Russia’s First Post-Soviet Era Aircraft Factory

Drone Maker “Kronstadt” Sets up Russia’s First Post-Soviet Era Aircraft Factory

Russian drone maker, “Kronstadt” has set up Russia’s first all-new aircraft factory in the post-Soviet era to manufacture its Orion and other drones.

Construction of the factory in Dubna near Moscow which began earlier this year was completed in December. The factory will produce large-sized unmanned aerial vehicles of aircraft and helicopter types.

The center is a single industrial site with a total area of more than 50 hectares, where the main production workshops of JSC Kronstadt and its member JSC Dubna Machine-Building Plant named, a company release said.

Construction and installation work was completed in the production building of Russia’s first specialized serial plant of large-sized unmanned aerial vehicles. Construction took place from April to December 2021 – this is the first aircraft plant built in post-Soviet Russia.

At the enterprise, built at the own expense of the company “Kronstadt”, there are three workshops: a section for the manufacture of parts and equipment from composite materials and a painting department; aggregate assembly shop; final assembly shop. More than 400 items of form-forming and assembly equipment and equipment have been purchased and commissioning works are underway.

Besides the manufacture of aircraft-type UAVs and helicopter-type UAVs, their ground control units will also be manufactured in the factory complex. The assembly of the first systems will begin in December.

According to media reports, Kronstadt is believed to have an order book of over 100 drones from Russian and foreign customers.

The company claims mastery over the full cycle drone manufacture and control systems. At the Dubai Airshow-2021 Kronstadt revealed a new automated workplace (AWP) to control and manage drone swarms. Using artificial intelligence and augmented reality, the AWP will allow the operator, instead of directly controlling individual drones, to perform only the upper goal-setting. This approach will enable the drones to network with one another depending upon the mission profile.