Russian Military Receives New Tanks, Mi-28NM and Ka-52 Helicopters

Image about Russian Military Receives New Tanks, Mi-28NM and Ka-52 Helicopters

The Russian armed forces took delivery of BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, modernized T-72B3 tanks, Electronic Warfare systems, Mi-28NM Night Hunter and Ka-52 Alligator helicopters, as well as Su-30SM2 jets.

The delivery of eight types of military equipment was undertaken on the occasion of the Single Day of Military Acceptance, Rostec said in a statement.

“Rostec takes part in the ‘Single Day of Military Acceptance’ as one of the largest suppliers of weapons for the Russian army. To date, Mi-28NM and Ka-52 helicopters, modernized T-72B3 tanks and effective electronic warfare equipment have been handed over. In total, eight different types of military equipment went to the troops,” said Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec State Corporation.

United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) has begun deliveries of modernized Su-30SM2 fighters for the Navy. The aircraft received increased combat capabilities and retained the main advantages of the Su-30SM: super-maneuverability, long flight range, airborne radar with a phased antenna array, a two-man crew, which provides simultaneous air combat and destruction of ground targets.

The High-Precision Complexes holding supplied BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicles, which have one of the most powerful weapons systems in the world among analogues and have great potential for further modernization.

The Mi-28NM Night Hunters and Ka-52 Alligators handed over by Russian Helicopters are designed to search for and destroy tanks, armored and non-armored vehicles, have powerful weapons and are capable of operating in difficult weather conditions and at any time of the day.

The T-72B3 tanks supplied by Uralvagonzavod to the troops, which underwent a major overhaul with modernization, received all-round protection from anti-tank weapons. Their mobility, firepower, security and command controllability were also increased.