Houthis Shoot Down Saudi CH-4B UCAV near Yemen

Image about Houthis Shoot Down Saudi CH-4B UCAV near Yemen

Yemeni Houthis destroyed a “spy drone,” believed to be Chinese-made CH-4B, reportedly belonging to the Saudi-led coalition during an operation in Hajjah province on Thursday.

Houthi-owned al-Masirah reported that the spy drone, which was of CH-4 type, had been performing hostile actions.

Yemeni Spokesman for Armed Forces Brigadier General Yahya Saree’s recently rejected the Saudi coalition’s claims of the Yemeni forces using civilian centers for military purposes.

The heavy combat drone, manufactured by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation, is capable of carrying six missiles and a payload of up to 345 kg.

As per reports, this is the seventh Saudi CH-4 drone to be shot down over Yemen by the Houthis’ air defenses since early 2021.