Nigeria’s Proforce to Supply Armored Vehicles to Belarus

Image about Nigeria’s Proforce to Supply Armored Vehicles to Belarus

Nigerian company Proforce has reportedly signed a contract with Belarus for the delivery of defense equipment, possibly, armored vehicles.

“With the Proforce deal stamped, Belarus is set to become the first country in Europe to aquire defence products from Nigeria,” @DefenseNigeria tweeted.

With this contract, Belarus became the first European country to buy Nigerian defense products.

Details of when the contract was signed and with which party in Belarus has not been revealed by Proforce or the Nigerian or Belarussian governments.

Proforce introduced Mine Resistant Ambush Protected (MRAP) vehicles in December 2021. The Proforce PF Viper is a FAST ATTACK Infantry Assault Vehicle (IAV). It is a lighter and maneuverable version of a MRAP, designed to provide ballistic protection, ricocheting capability and mobility. The PROFORCE PF Viper is integrated with a fully independent suspension system which provides controlled mobility for all terrain. The monocoque body structure and optimized sidewall angles are designed for increasing the ballistic protection of the vehicle.