US Army Executes Ground Manoeuvers with Long Range Hypersonic Weapon System

Using the first prototype Long Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW) System, US Army’s Bravo Battery Soldiers executed ground movement, round transfers, and established firing capability at Joint Base Lewis McChord Feb. 22-24.

Bravo Battery’s primary objectives included air transportation drills, security procedures, canister reload operations, operational emplacement of equipment and performing fire missions.
Said Maj. Andrew Cotter, 5-3FA Battalion Executive Officer. “The Soldiers of Bravo Battery are fielding a first-of-its-kind system and informing doctrine that will last for years to come,” he was quoted as saying in a release.

Bravo Battery finalized their New Equipment Training (NET) procedures, successfully planning, coordinating and executing a two round hypersonic mission planning package and round transfer, enabling strategic objectives across echelons.

Said Capt. Austen Boroff, Bravo Battery Commander. “The Soldiers have validated critical individual training through collective tasks that will enable operations immediately post fielding.”
The culminating exercise included simulated fire exercises, equipment set-up, and transportation drills.