Buk-MK3 Air Defense System Destroys 2 Ukrainian Su-25 Jets: Russian MoD

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Two Ukrainian Air Force Su-25 fighters were shot down by Russia’s Buk-M3 air defense system in the Chernihiv region.

The standard operative procedure for an air defense system is to fire at a target and then move to change position. Russian Buk-M3 fired at a Su-25 jet, identified another immediately and shot at it, said commander of Buk-M3 Sergey Ovcharenko.

“If we changed position after the first launch, enemy aircraft could strike at the units covered by us, so I decided to stay in place and work on the second target, despite the great risk,” Ovcharenko added.

He added that his team has so far destroyed more than 20 air targets. “The enemy is actively using interference, but the equipment of the complex makes it possible to neutralize them and successfully carry out their work,” he said.