Ukraine Destroys Russian Helicopters at Kherson Airfield

Image about Ukraine Destroys Russian Helicopters at Kherson Airfield

The Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed Russian helicopters parked at an airfield in Kherson region, which recently fell under its control.

More than ten helicopters can be seen in one of the images shared by Ukraine’s military, although it’s unclear how many of those belonged to the Russian Air Force.

A day earlier, Russia said it took ‘full control’ of the entire Kherson region.

Ukrainian media reported that the Russian military met stiff resistance in various parts of Kherson from Ukrainian tank and armored vehicle units. Losses are said to be heavy on both sides.

Ukrainian Losses as Claimed by Russian Defense Ministry

Igor Konashenkov, Russian defense ministry spokesman, said at a briefing Wednesday that Moscow demolished 128 military objects including two Ukrainian Su-25s, one MiG-29 and four drones. “Operational-tactical, army and unmanned aircraft hit 128 military facilities of Ukraine. Among them: one Buk-M1 air defense system, one Osa air defense system, four detection and target designation radar stations, four command posts, seven weapons and ammunition depots and 68 military equipment accumulation areas,” Konashenkov said.

The Russian MoD also released a video showing its artillery destroying warehouse of the Ukrainian army in the Chernihiv region. “In the course of performing a fire mission, an artillery unit of the RF Armed Forces destroyed a combined depot of rocket and artillery weapons and up to 20 units of military equipment with an accurate hit,” the ministry claime