BAE Systems Unveils High-Definition Uncooled Thermal Sensor

October 29, 2020 @ 09:49 AM

BAE Systems has unveiled its full high-definition thermal camera core, Athena 1920, which, it claims, combines exceptional infrared image clarity with a wide field of view. The compact, light, and low-power thermal camera core delivers superior imagery and uncompromising performance, and is ideal for long-range and demanding applications, including security, surveillance,...

Thales launches New friend-foe identification system for Warships

October 19, 2020 @ 02:28 PM

Thales today unveiled the TSA6000, the world's first Identification Friend-Foe (IFF) interrogator to use flat fixed-array active antenna technology that will provides 360° coverage around the vessel, with no trade-off in range capabilities, along with a fast identification capability. Based on all-digital flat fixed-array technology, the TSA6000 IFF identification system...

Thales Announces AirMaster C Ultra-compact Surveillance Radar for Helicopters, UAVs

October 16, 2020 @ 01:32 PM

Thales today launched AirMaster C ultra-compact airborne surveillance radar to provide target detection capabilities for fixed-wing aircraft, helicopters and UAVs. Responding to these rapid changes, Thales has developed the AirMaster C, a new surveillance radar with an ultra-compact, programmable 2D active antenna based on SiGe (silicon-germanium) technology

Russia’s Ruselectronics Developing Microwave Radars for Small, Unmanned Helicopters

September 11, 2020 @ 07:17 AM

Russias Ruselectronics, a subsidiary of Rostec State Corporation is developing a new type of helicopter radar systems based on microwave radiation. Designed to be compact and lightweight, the radar will be deployed on both unmanned as well as small manned helicopters

Japan's Mitsubishi Electric to Supply Air Defence Radars to Philippines for $100

August 28, 2020 @ 06:41 PM

Mitsubishi Electric has signed a $100 million contract with the Philippines to deliver four air defence radars to warn against approaching enemy aircraft and missiles. This is the first export of a newly made “complete” defense product since Japan's arms trade ban was eased in 2014, Japans ministry of defence announced Friday

Israeli Elbit Awarded Air-to-Air Training systems Contract, Probably by India

August 17, 2020 @ 05:29 PM

Israeli Elbit Systems announced today that it was awarded a contract valued at approximately $27 million to supply air-to-air combat training systems for the Navy of a South Asian Country. The contract will be performed over a two-year period, to be followed by three years of availability-based maintenance

German Air Force Eurofighter Jets Demo Future Combat Air System Networking

August 8, 2020 @ 09:46 AM

Interconnectivity between remote carriers and Eurofighter Typhoons has been successfully proven for the first time during a live exercise. During the recent German Air Force Timber Express exercise over Northern Germany and the North Sea, the Airbus Defence and Space remote carrier technology in a multi-data link environment was demonstrated with real fighter aircraft

French Armed Forces Receives First Light Surveillance Aircraft

August 5, 2020 @ 04:46 PM

The French Ministry of the Armed Forces receives its first light surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft (ALSR) capable of carrying out intelligence missions with a small logistical footprint and great ease of deployment. The DGA received the first light surveillance and reconnaissance aircraft on July 31, 2020

S Korean KF-X Jet’s AESA Radar to Match Performance of F-35 Radar...

August 5, 2020 @ 08:45 AM

A prototype of the Active Electronically Scanning Array (AESA) radar locally developed in South Korea for the countrys upcoming KF-X fighter jet is due to be unveiled later this month. Wang Jung-hong, chief of South Korean Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA), revealed in an interview with Korea Herald yesterday

USAF F-35 Jet Demos Joint All-Domain Operations Ability

August 3, 2020 @ 06:58 PM

The F-35 Jet demonstrated an ability for interoperability across the battlespace during a recent Orange Flag Evaluation (OFE) with the US Army and Air Force. The exercise near Edwards Air Force Base, California, demonstrated the ability to integrate F-35 Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) track data with the US Armys Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System (IBCS)

BAE Systems Completes Acquisition of Military GPS Business

August 1, 2020 @ 10:28 AM

BAE Systems on Friday said it completed acquisition of the Collins Aerospace Military Global Positioning System (GPS) business from Raytheon Technologies Corporation. As announced in January, this asset purchase is a unique opportunity to acquire a high-quality, technology-based business that augments the existing BAE Systems Electronic Systems portfolio through the addition of GPS anti-jamming and anti-spoofing technology that enables navigation and guidance for a range of defense missions, the company said in a