S M Group to exhibit Armouring Solutions, Artillery, Tank Munitions and Software at Eurosatory 08

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  •   Dated: Wednesday, July 9, 2008 @ 12:00 AM
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Mr. Ashish Kansal, Executive Director, S M Group of industries responds to the questionnaire sent by Defenseworld.net on his participation in Eurosatory 08.

DW : What products and solutions would you be promoting at Eurosatory 08?

Mr. Ashish Kansal: The SM Group of Industries is a multi-unit, multi-product organization. We are offering many a product and solutions. These in the domain of Personal Protection Solutions (Bullet Proof Jackets/Vests/Helmets, Bomb Blankets, De-mining-Suits Etc ), Vehicle/Aircraft(Helicopters) Armouring Solutions, Artillery and Tank Munitions, Software for Customized/Defence Applications etc. A summary of the Group companies and their product profile is given as follows – 1. SM Carapace Armor : Providing protection solutions to those who protect us. Relevant literature/brochure is enclosed. 2. SM Pulp Packaging : Pioneering the field of vacuum formed moulded products relevant literature/brochure is enclosed. 3. SM Macario Technologies : Developing tactical software systems for the armed forces. 4. SM Macario Software : Delivering software solutions and IT services globally. 5. SM Engineers & Consultants : Providing turn-key project solutions.

DW : Please describe one or two key products in detail and their competitive advantage.

Mr. Ashish Kansal: a) Combustible Cartridge Cases : SM Pulp Packaging Pvt. Ltd. (SMPP), a SM Group Company has been awarded the “National Award for Indigenization” by MOD for this range of products. It currently manufactures Combustible Cartridge Cases for 120 mm & 125 mm tank munitions and modular combustible cases for 155mm (Bofors gun) and a host of similar products. SM Group is today one of the leading manufacturers of combustible cartridge cases in the world. b) Armor for Enhanced Level of Personal/Aircraft /Vehicle Protection: This initiative is being taken by SM Carapace Armor to manufacture light weight armour systems for personal, vehicle and aircraft applications. It covers soft armor, hard composite armor and advanced ceramic armor. The key technology pertains to being able to harness Boron Carbide and Silicon Carbide to realize an armor protection material which would be extremely hard with high elastic modulus, low density, high flexural strength and very good fracture toughness. Such materials will be able to defeat high velocity projectile and also have a multi-hit capability. C) SM Macario Software: The company is into the custom applications, product development, content management, enterprise applications, embedded software/applications and testing-IV&V. A live demonstration of the capabilities of SM Macario Software is being organized to showcase strength and reach of this young company. At EUROSATORY 2008, we will understandably specially focus on defence related software activities.

DW : Do you plan a tie up with a European / International co. in the coming future?

Mr. Ashish Kansal: Yes, SM Group has already been appointed the Area Partner by M/s Systematic, UK for their Battlefield Management Systems (BMS) and similar other C4I2 solutions. This is already a fitting recognition of our capabilities and credentials. We are open to opportunities of cooperation and Joint Ventures including those through the off-set route. We are especially focusing on solutions and technologies related to products required for Armour Solutions i.e. vehicle/aircraft armour and other ventures consistent with our profile and core competence.

DW : How do you regard the European/International defense market in terms of market size for your kind of product or service?

Mr. Ashish Kansal: Although it may not be possible to provide a precise answer; however, the international market size in respect of all our product categories/range would be of the order of thousands of crores of Rupees. We are sure that our products will surely find entry and acceptance in the international market, purely on their performance, quality and cost-competitiveness.,

DW : What is the competitive advantage of your product from other European/International products in the similar category?

Mr. Ashish Kansal: We are sure that we can provide products of similar or better quality, as are currently obtainable in European/International arena, but at highly competitive cost. Our aim is not only to provide efficient products and optimal solutions using cutting edge technologies but also provide our customers real “value for money” products.

DW : What is the message you would like to give our readers- many of whom are from the Indian defense forces and MoD- in short your potential customers?

Mr. Ashish Kansal: The message which we would like to be conveyed and carried is simple and straightforward. That is to say that the SM Group of Industries is an organization headed and run by professionals of extremely high standing and repute. All the key functionaries of the Group are mostly ex-IITans and hence they have a wealth of experience and enviable track-record behind them. We have excellent in-house R&D facilities and our products are based on home grown technologies and processes. These have been further refined and improved by usage of state-of-the-art production facilities coupled with very strict quality-control. Our products are, therefore, “Best in the Class” with exceptional reliability and consistency in performance, thereby providing the customers real value for their money.