Meprolight’s Self-Illuminated Night Sights Are The Brightest Night Sights Available Today

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  •   Dated: Tuesday, November 12, 2013 @ 11:44 AM
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Zvika Lisichkin

Zvika Lisichkin, Meprolight's Marketing and Sales Manager

In an interview with, Zvika Lisichkin, Meprolight's Marketing and Sales Manager talks about the company's latest offering in night vision technology.

DW : Can you give us an overview of Meprolight’s night vision technology for the military?

Zvika Lisichkin: Meprolight develops high-end Night Vision devices such as monoculars, binoculars and lightweight weapon sights, among them are: Mini-Hunter – Lightweight Night Vision Weapon Sight; Minimon – Multi-Functional Night Vision Mini-Monocular; Boxer – Night Vision Binocular; andmore. These products offer superior visibility under tough environmental conditions. Meprolight also produces Weapon sights for sniper rifles and integrated weapon systems with various sensors and lasers for quality targeting.

DW : Can you elaborate on the self-illuminated devices your company has developed?

Zvika Lisichkin: Meprolight’s Self-Illuminated night sights – the brightest night sights available today – are ideal for military, law enforcement, and civilian users – including hunters and recreational sport shooting enthusiasts. Combat-proven with totally integrated day/night sighting, these sights can be used to hit stationary as well as moving targets under low-light and all weather conditions, dramatically increasing hit probability. Results of tests by marksmen and journeymen level shooters have shown an astounding 85% increase in efficiency. Meprolight’s Self-Illuminated night sights require no batteries, and operate without switches. Designed as replacement parts for standard weapon sights, these sights can be mounted directly on the pistol with minor modifications and are maintenance-free for up to 15 years. Meprolight also uses the self-illuminating technology in other products - Reflex sights, Compass, Exit signs & Helmet marking.

DW : How do Meprolight’s lightweight weapon sights work? What are their uses?

Zvika Lisichkin: The sights are operated by snipers and spotters in small teams or pairs. It allows the integration of various accessories according to each sniper’s mission, such as starlight intensifier and thermal device. Meprolight’s solutions’ unique capabilities enable continuous operation, day and night and in various missions, including intelligence gathering and spotting for shooting at diverse ranges.

DW : Could explain the functions of the newly launched NOA XT4 and the Mepro 4X?

Zvika Lisichkin: The NOA XT4 is one of the newest members of the Uncooled Thermal Weapon sights family. Compact and lightweight, the dual-use Thermal Weapon/Surveillance clip-on is designed for the dismounted soldier – enhancing the soldier’s tactical operation by providing a thermal image through a clip-on mounted in-line with a 4x day telescope or used as a handheld viewer. In a matter of seconds, the MIL-STD NOA XT4 converts the user’s combat 4x riflescope into a Thermal Weapon 4x Sight. The NOA XT4 instantly provides the user with a Thermal Sight picture without change in eye relief or weapon zero, allowing engagement of targets through darkness, smoke, or fog. Because the user’s Daytime optic is unchanged, the sight’s settings and reticles remain identical. Extremely rugged and shock-proof, the NOA XT4 mounts directly on a forward Picatinny rail. Providing continuous operation of more than 7 hours, the sight includes a motion sensor for automatic sleep mode.   The new MEPRO 4X is a compact and lightweight (350gr) combat 4x day scope with wide field of view and night time reticule illumination with auto shut-off after one hour. Utilizing a quick release Picatinny adaptor, this MIL-STD sight provides five different brightness settings for target acquisition in any tactical situation, and is fully adapted for the MEPRO XT4 clip-on. Energy-efficient, the sight operates with a single standard battery and is equipped with a unique energy saver feature for extended operation. Rugged and Simple it provides the infantry sharpshooter with a firing solution for ranges up to 600 meters.

DW : How does the NOA DUAL-FIELD work compared with its predecessors?

Zvika Lisichkin: The NOA Dual-Field is recent addition to the Uncooled Thermal Weapon Sight Family, and it addresses the need for a single thermal sight providing both 3x and 7x magnifications for advanced sniper capability. This unique sight is a feature-rich uncooled thermal weapon sight for long range sniper rifles delivering the ability to change from observation to targeting by optically switching magnification between 3x to 7x. It enables snipers to detect the target in the wide Field-of-View, using the 3x magnification and upon detection of target switching easily to a farther field using the 7x magnification, enabling better target recognition, thus preventing identification faults. This version is designed for snipers who operate under harsh environmental conditions and need to observe and accurately engage targets at long ranges reaching more than 1,000 meters in variable weather conditions and very limited light availability or total darkness. 

DW : Can you tell us about the current contracts you are fulfilling globally?

Zvika Lisichkin: We had a busy year and right now we are working on several large contracts. We cannot specify which countries exactly but we made sales of Electro optics to customers in Latin America, South East Asia & Europe.

DW : Can you identify the countries you export night vision technology to?

Zvika Lisichkin: We cannot discuss our customers, but it is important to mention that Meprolight’s solutions are currently operational in safety and security applications for law enforcement, military and civilian communities worldwide, including the IDF.

DW : Can you tell us about Meprolight other night vision research?

Zvika Lisichkin: We work closely with our customers and invest a lot of resources in R&D and the development of new features and capabilities in different areas such as software, ballistic tables and optics, in order to comply with their evolving needs.