Weapons-Makers To Introduce New Advanced Technology At Singapore Air Show 2014

  • Bindiya Thomas
  • 01:16 PM, February 10, 2014
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Weapons-Makers To Introduce New Advanced Technology At Singapore Air Show 2014
Weapons-Makers To Introduce New Advanced Technology AT Singapore Air Show 2014

The Singapore Air Show, touted to be its largest edition, will play host to the latest high-tech defense solutions the industry has to offer.

Among them will be Rafael Advanced Defense Systems’ which will unveil a new laser-defense system that will be capable of shooting down short-range rockets and mortar fire. The Iron Beam system will use a “directed high energy laser beam” to intercept incoming projectiles fired from short distances.

Iron Beam will complement the battle proven Iron Dome short-range rocket defense system by assisting in intercepting very-short-range rockets fired at Israel, according to Globes. The system is expected to be operational next year.

The Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) will also unveil its new and improved medium-altitude long-endurance unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), and will present its advanced 3D defense solution: Detect-Decide-Defeat.

The system includes multilayer intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance solutions, which allow area dominance of thousands of square miles, as well as innovative signal intelligence, electro-optical, early-warning and radar technologies for every mission – from land to space.

The 3D solutions concept integrates unique C4I and total connectivity capabilities from sensor to effector, to provide highly-accurate wide-range and effective operational defense solutions.

UTC Aerospace Systems will showcase its SmartDisplay Electronic Flight Bag (EFB), as well as the tablet-compatible EFB System. The latter allows a user's tablet device to perform as an EFB and access an array of key aircraft avionics data, enhancing safety and increasing access and efficiency, according to the company.

ST Engineering will showcase STK 5.56 Bullpup Multirole Combat Rifle, a new family of rifles with multi-role capabilities and BRACES (Bionic Regenerative Active Energy System) which converts the mechanical energy generated by the soldier from moving during missions, into electric energy to power soldier systems or other low-power electronic devices.

Meanwhile Raytheon will be showcasing fully integrated avionics suites including the Raytheon Advanced Combat Radar (RACR), ALR-69A all-digital radar warning receiver, advanced mission computing technology and weapon systems integration. These equipments will be used to upgrade more than 130 South Korean KF-16 planes. “This show is the premier event in the Asia-Pacific Rim,” said Mike Olson, senior trade show manager for Raytheon.


And Exelis will highlight an upgraded version of the ALQ-136 electronic warfare system, which provides self-protection and mission-enabling technologies for the AH-64 Apache helicopter. Along with the carriage and release technology, including advanced pneumatic systems that allow manned and unmanned aircraft to carry a wide range of mission payloads more efficiently and affordably through lower maintenance requirements.


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