RUAG Wins $76 Million Gripen Payload Mountings Contract

  • Our Bureau
  • 04:17 PM, March 4, 2014
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SAAB has awarded RUAG with a contract estimated $76 million to develop and produce payload mountings for the Gripen-E military jet, of which $16 million is to be implemented immediately.

Payload mountings are mechanisms that carry additional fuel tanks, reconnaissance systems or guided missiles. They are complex technological components which contain both electronic and mechanical systems. They must meet the highest standards in terms of aerodynamics and resilience.

The order comprises four work packages, three of which, totalling $16 million, are effective immediately. These include the design of the payload mountings, their development up to series production, and the creation of prototypes for three Gripen E test aircraft. SAAB has the option of awarding the fourth work package, actual series production of the payload mountings, to another party should the result of the Gripen E referendum be negative.

If Switzerland decides to buy the 22 Gripen E military jets, the payload mountings for series production of the entire Gripen E fleet, 60 aircraft for Sweden and 22 aircraft for Switzerland, will be manufactured in Switzerland in the future.

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