Russia To Provide China With Kalina-Class Submarines

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  • 08:45 AM, March 26, 2014
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Russia To Provide China With Kalina-Class Submarines
Russia To Provide China With Kalina-Class Submarines

Russia President Vladimir Putin will reportedly grant China more advanced Kalina-class submarine instead of providing them with older Lada-class submarines.

Earlier last week, the Commander of Russian Navy, Adm. Viktor Chirkov said that the new fifth-generation submarines will be designated as the Kalina class.


"Russia is currently designing a fifth-generation conventional submarine, dubbed Project Kalina, which will be fitted with an air-independent propulsion (AIP) system," Adm. Viktor Chirkov said."Our industry promises to develop this AIP system by 2017 and build the first boat fitted with such a system by 2018”.


The admiral earlier said that the new AIP system could be initially tested on the only operational Lada-class diesel-electric submarine in service with the Russian Navy, the St.


Authorities also declared that the construction of the older Lada-class submarine will be cancelled. The Lada-class, or Project 677, is a fourth-generation diesel-electric submarine based on the older Kilo-class submarine, according to

China was negotiating with Russia to purchase four Lada-class submarines from the Rubin Design Bureau based in St Petersburg. China hoped those submarines could be refitted with Chinese engines and an electronic fire-control system, according to the Canada-based Kanwa Defense Review, the report added.

As Russia remains isolated over its intervention in the Ukraine crisis, Moscow values China's position as one of its strategic partners, Kashin said. He added that the PLA Navy will benefit from the cancellation of the Lada-class as it will open a new door for China to gain more advanced technology from Russia to build its own submarine in the future.

Meanwhile, China may be able to design its own fifth-generation conventional submarine with the help of Russia under this new concept, Kashin said.


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