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02:15 PM, June 3, 2014
French Navy Gets First Tranche 4 Rafale Marine

The French navy’s Flotille 11F combat aviation squadron, based at Landivisiau, has taken delivery of its first Tranche 4 Rafale Marine, designated Rafale M40. 

This aircraft is the first to be equipped with systems and equipment that substantially improve its combat capabilities as well as its air defense missions for the protection of national airspace.

Several displays newly installed in the cockpit provide a better image definition and the head-up display is more transparent. The aircraft is also fitted with an improved friend-or-foe IFF interrogator capable of identifying civilian and military aircraft at longer ranges. 

The Tranche 4 aircraft is also fitted with a new-generation infra-red missile launch detector which warns the pilot of an enemy missile firing. The most significant improvement of this new aircraft batch is the new-generation RBE2 radar with an active antenna (AESA).

Its detection range is substantially extended, and provides the pilot with an improved situation awareness for long-range combat as well as at very short ranges. 

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