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02:56 PM, August 26, 2014

Australian Minister for Defense David Johnston today announced approval to upgrade and enhance Global Positioning System (GPS) capability of the Australian Defense Force valued at $30 million. 

“The Government recognizes that to ensure the ADF remains viable and robust we need to invest in force protection, countermeasures, protective security, system redundancy, lower signatures and stealth for our capabilities and systems,” Senator Johnston said.

GPS plays a vital role in providing accurate positioning, navigation, coordination, and targeting for the ADF and the ability to use modern GPS equipment is fundamental to operational effectiveness.

Senator Johnston said GPS jamming equipment has become easier to produce and deploy, and the ADF needed to continue to meet this evolving threat. JP 5408 Phase 3 (Platforms) Tranche 2 will enhance GPS on a range of ADF platforms by providing either protection or redundancy capabilities in response to GPS denial activities.

Platforms to be upgraded include Collins Class Submarines, Hydrographic Survey Ships, Survey Motor Launches, Provision of Alignment Kits for Ground Based Air Defense systems, Special Forces Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats and Mine Hunter Coastal Ships.

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