F-35 Program Member Nations To Meet In Norway

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  • 02:37 PM, September 11, 2014
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The leaders of the multinational F-35-program will meet in Norway on September 25, Norway Ministry of Defense reported Tuesday.

This is the second JSF steering board meeting with all nine partner nations in the program taking part. 

The F-35 Program is expected to deliver around 3,000 aircraft for the nine partner nations as well as several direct export customers over the next 20 to 25 years and is the largest multinational technology development program of its kind since World War II. 

For the first time media will also be invited to cover the meeting from a dedicated press centre. 

Known as the "JSF Executive Steering Board" (JESB) the summit represents the highest decision making body within the F-35 Program. The JESB is held twice a year, and as Norway currently serves as the co-chair in the program with the United States, the 2014 fall session is held in Oslo.

Norway plans to procure up to 52 F-35A combat aircraft to ensure that its future Armed Forces are able to resolve its missions in defence of Norway. The Norwegian Parliament has so far authorized the procurement of 16 aircraft.

The Norwegian acquisition of the F-35 is expected to cost $10.4 billion including related investments, weapons and training.

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