DCNS Sets Up New Subsidiary In Australia Targeting SEA 1000 Program

  • Our Bureau
  • 12:06 PM, November 20, 2014
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DCNS announced the opening of the company’s new subsidiary in Australia on Wednesday.

The move is likely aimed at getting closer to the Royal Australian Navy (RAN)’s Submarine Australian Program (SEA 1000).

Through SEA 1000 program, Australia plans to replace its current Collins Class submarines.

Thales and DCNS are likely to offer a conventional diesel-electric version of DCNS's nuclear-powered Barracuda boat.

Hervé Guillou said, “We intend to bring a key contribution to the Commonwealth of Australia. Using sea proven solutions and robust industrial roadmap for the Future SEA 1000, we’ll mitigate both program and technological risks while ensuring proper delivery strategy and capability continuity”.

The other contenders for the submarine replacement program are the So-ryu- class from Japan, Type 216 from Tkms, Germany and Kockums A26 from Saab (Sweden).

The Australian government will be soon launching an open selection process. The tender however would probably not be launched until the next Australia's Defense White Paper is published (due in mid-2015).

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