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09:30 AM, January 13, 2015

SmartRounds Technology has developed a new 18mm non-impact, non-lethal smart bullets, which can be fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun for US Military, law enforcement and others.

These bullets use MEMS micro-electro-mechanical technology and a CMOS image sensor to activate the projectiles before reaching their target.

These micro-controlled, patent pending smart bullets will initially be available in two versions. The two versions are ShockRound and PepperRound. Each one is equipped with two solid state micro-sensors that turn ON the round when fired, and activate the round millisecs before impact.

These projectiles are designed to be fired from a standard 12 gauge shotgun at 450 feet per second and have a range of 100 yards.

Both are lightweight, carbon fiber projectiles that produce a low-recoil, which allow them to be fired from various 12 gauge shotgun formats.

The ShockRound produces a flash-bang and nitrogen gas shock wave that disables the assailant. The PepperRound produces a flash-bang and a capsaicin cloud that causes a burning sensation to the eyes and throat rendering the assailant unable to continue.

The MEMS accelerometer sensor and the CMOS image sensor along with the micro-controller give either round the "smarts" to produce a powerful non-impact and non-lethal effect.

A very fast acting proprietary chemical produces the hyperbaric nitrogen gas shock wave millisecs before impact.

Less-lethal weapons rely on hitting the target to deliver kinetic energy and considerable pain to disable the assailant, whereas these projectiles do not make contact, making these bullets truly non-lethal.