Saab Selects Exelis To Provide Electronic Warfare System For Swedish Subs

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  • 07:56 AM, January 14, 2015
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Saab Selects Exelis To Provide Electronic Warfare System For Swedish Subs
HMS Goatland, Photo: 2nd Class Patricia R. Totemeier, U.S. Navy

Exelis has won a contract estimated $17 million to provide electronic support measures (ESM) technology and services to Sweden.

Under the subcontract awarded by Saab, Exelis will provide Swedish submarines with the latest model of the sophisticated ES-3701 electronic warfare (EW) system, offering a significant capability boost in the areas of situational awareness, targeting, self-protection and surveillance.

"The ES-3701 is the ideal ESM system for submarines and surface ships and is widely deployed with allies around the world. Our ESM technology will equipSweden to handle a range of emerging threats they face, now and in the future," said Dave Prater, vice president and general manager of the Exelis radar and reconnaissance systems business. "Our understanding of the threat landscape and our experience has helped make Exelis a leading provider of maritime EW systems that support our customers' critical missions around the world."

The ES-3701 uses a circular array interferometer antenna. This provides precise direction finding over a 360-degree azimuth and at high elevation while maintaining a 100 percent probability of interception. Through digital technology and modern signal processing, the system intercepts, measures and identifies complex signals, (including Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave) in dense radio frequency environments even in the presence of interfering signals.

The ES-3701 is part of a suite of other Exelis EW technologies designed to enable domestic and international customers to perform their critical missions. Leveraging its decades of innovation and experience in the electromagnetic spectrum, Exelis has identified EW as one of the company's four strategic growth platforms.

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