Indian Army Soldiers Turn Innovators

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  • 06:52 PM, January 18, 2015
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Indian Army Soldiers Turn Innovators
Prime Minister Narendra Modi Awarding Indian Army Soldiers For Innovations

Officers and men of the Indian army have developed several high tech gadgets including a delivery robot, a gun ring kit for the 155mm Bofors gun, an unattended ground sensor.

The innovators were facilitated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on the occasion of the Army day on January 15 which is a first in India.

Unmanned Ground Logistics Delivery System: The multi-terrain robots operated through wireless voice command can help in logistics delivery during operations, minimising risk to life. It can detect obstacles using an ultrasonic sensor, send its position using GPS and carries out surveillance using live video feed.

Indigenisation of components of 155mm Bofors gun: Every year 200 gun ring kits are required for the 155 mm Bofors gun. Each kit costs Rs 1,60,000 (US$2000). Due to unreliable supply, a need was felt to achieve self-reliance in manufacture of these kits. Indigenisation cost of the kit is Rs 55,800 (US$960).

Integration of day-and-night camera with unattended ground sensor: In order to improve overall situational awareness on the LoC, the unattended ground sensor (UGS) has been integrated with a day-night surveillance camera. The camera is actuated on generation of a signal from the sensor and live video feed is transmitted to surveillance post leading to real-time verification of enemy intrusion.

Indigenised Sub-Systems for LORROS: LORROS or Long Range Reconnaissance and Observation System, a sensor system, provides long-range surveillance — effective in countering infiltration. Several LORROS were getting out of action due to non-availability of Protocol Converter Card. These cards were then indigenously developed by the Army Technology Centre.

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