Exelis Completes Sea Acceptance Test Of Command And Control Technology For Norwegian Coast Guard Vessel

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  • 08:04 AM, January 21, 2015
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Exelis has completed sea acceptance test of their latest Command Management Information System (CMIS), installed on board the Norwegian Coast Guard vessel KV Senja.

The test formed part of a wide-ranging modernization effort of the ship's command and control (C2) capabilities that include integrating tactical data link, computer and display upgrades, a navigation distribution upgrade, and security enhancements.

The CMIS incorporates leading-edge commercial components with sophisticated Exelis-developed operations software. The technology will be deployed aboard two Norwegian Coast Guard capital ships and one ice-strengthened vessel over the next two years.

"Throughout our longstanding relationship with the Norwegian Coast Guard, we have seen how they operate in a particularly dangerous environment," said Jim Brunelle, senior director of the Exelis undersea systems business in a company’s press release on Tuesday.

"The Exelis technology enables them to safely control their ships and helicopters in the high seas and challenging weather conditions of the North Atlantic", he added.

The Exelis CMIS design provides the performance and scalability needed to meet the requirements of a broad range of maritime platforms. The system can also be easily extended to support new sensor packages such as electronic support measures or advanced sonar systems.

"Exelis has consistently demonstrated their commitment to provide innovative C2 solutions", said Kristian Demmo, senior commander in the Norwegian Defense Logistics Organization.

"Their willingness and determination to work with both the Coast Guard and the Navy was instrumental in getting KV Senja modernized and back at sea for mission-critical operations", Demmo added.


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