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01:01 PM, February 12, 2015
Chinese PLA Orders Massive Audit to Unearth 'Little Coffers'
Chinese PLA Orders Massive Audit to Unearth 'Little Coffers', Photo:Want China Times

Hundreds of thousands of accounts belonging to Chinese PLA personnel of all departments, and ranks will be audited to unearth stashed money or ‘Little coffers’, PLA daily reported Wednesday.

According to the report, President Xi Jinping headed Central Military Commission (CMC) will be investigating military personnel’s income and expenses for the past couple of years in a massive drive to curb corruption.

“The financial investigation will look into all cash flows, receipts and expenses that exceeded original budgets to uncover cases of embezzlement or so-called "little coffers," hidden caches of cash that corrupt personnel have siphoned from public funds”, Zhao Keshi, head of the PLA's General Logistics Department and leader of the audit group said.

"The investigation will dig out more tigers and flies (high- and low-ranking corrupt officials) still hidden from the current graft probe. It will also facilitate better financial management within the army to avoid the abuse of power and to build up financial discipline," Major-General Xu Guangyu, senior consultant to the Chinese Military Disarmament Control Council was quoted as saying by Global Times.

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