Russia’s New Generation Radars To Be Commissioned Ahead of Time

  • Our Bureau
  • 05:28 PM, February 17, 2015
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The Russian Defense Ministry has revised deadlines from 2020 to 2018 for deploying new generation Voronezh-M and Voronezh-DM radars in view of US plans for deploying missile defense systems in Europe and Alaska.

The general director of the Minsk Radio Engineering Institute Sergey Boyev was quoted as saying by Tass on Tuesday, "The Defense Ministry has asked us to commission two more facilities ahead of time. We will do our best, of course. There are updated schedules already. The concern’s entire industrial segment has been shifted to a more intensive mode of operation".

Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu issued orders to ensure the radars’ early commissioning in late 2014. The plans for building radars in other regions of the country are proceeding in accordance with plans.

"Then there will follow the other radars - in Orsk (the Urals), Murmansk and Vorkuta (the Arctic). Everything will be accomplished on time," Boyev said.

The high factory readiness radars from the Mints Radio Engineering Institute possess far higher technical and tactical parameters than the previous generation radars. They consume far less energy, take up far less space and require fewer personnel.

The Voronezh-DM radar has a range of 6,000 kilometers and it is capable of identifying, tracking and classifying modern and future air and space attack weapons, including ballistic and aerodynamic ones.

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