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12:35 PM, March 26, 2015

Meggitt Training Systems will be showcasing FATS L7 virtual simulation and the future of live fire range design at 2015 ILEETA Conference held from April 20-25, in USA.

Eric Perez, director of virtual sales, Meggitt Training Systems said in the company’s press release on Tuesday, “Using the FATS L7, instructors have the opportunity to train students on proper use of verbal commands, control tactics, impact strikes, chemical tools, less lethal options and deadly force.”

“This covers use of force policy and reinforces the officers’ classroom education and practical exercises. Simulation allows the instructor to repeat training exercises in a low cost, time efficient manner, while replay and look back functions provide an additional level of debriefing benefit,” Perez said. 

While advances in simulation technology continue to open up the possibilities for law enforcement training officers, live fire training technology continues to improve as well.

Meggitt’s advanced XWT GEN3 wireless target retrieval system and the fully networked Range Master Control System (RMCS) provide greater functionality to live fire systems.

The RMCS is a touchscreen tablet at each shooting lane that provides easily customizable courses of fire, lighting and temperature. Using a unique customer ID for each officer, the RMCS provides greater flexibility for the trainer and the individual officers.


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