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03:32 PM, April 6, 2015

The Jordan’s light military training aircraft T67 Firefly crashed during a routine military exercise on Monday morning.

The crash killed a Jordanian lieutenant colonel and his Iraqi trainee, during a routine training exercise, said Colonel Mamdouh al-Amiri, spokesman for the Jordanian military, Press Tv reported Monday.

The Jordanian military regularly trains Iraqi pilots as part of defense agreements between the two countries, Amiri said.

Local media reported that the crash took place some 70 to 90 kilometers (45 to 55 miles) north of the capital Amman.

In 2013 a T67 Firefly had crashed in the north of the kingdom because of technical problems, killing the pilot and a trainee.

Last year a Jordanian air force pilot was killed when his F5 aircraft crashed in eastern Jordan during a training mission.

T67 Firefly, originally produced as the Fournier RF-6, is a two-seat aerobatic training aircraft, built by Slingsby Aviation in England.

Slingsby initially built nine T67As, which were basically RF6B120s, before placing into production of the T67B. The T67B was the result of a fairly thorough redevelopment of the T67A. The main difference was that the T67B was made from glassfibre reinforced plastics (GFRPs).



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