Exelis Delivers Encryptors For USAF GPS modernization

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  • 11:52 AM, April 16, 2015
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Exelis announced today that it has delivered six ground encryptors, which will improve information security for the Global Positioning System's Next-Generation Operational Control System to Raytheon.

GPS OCX is part of the US Air Force's GPS modernization program. The Air Force will use the encryptors, which are about the size of a stereo amplifier, to protect information sent between OCX and navigation payloads on board legacy and next-generation GPS satellites.

The encryptors play a central role in the management of cryptographic keys used throughout the ground system. "The enhanced encryptors support M-code, the modernized military signal, which is an integral part of the GPS modernization program and important for the Department of Defense because it provides a separate signal with high jam-and spoof-resistance strictly for military use versus civilian," said Joe Rambala Exelis vice president and general manager of positioning, navigation and timing.

"Some of today's GPS satellites can broadcast M-code signals, but unlike GPS OCX, the current control segment cannot bring M-code online. The encryptors will be enablers for M-code processing to improve the overall GPS program and its security." Rambala added.

Once integrated into the OCX system, the encryptors will help ensure that the next generation of GPS satellites will be ready for launch, and will provide advanced capabilities and security to both military and civilian users.

In addition to encryptors, Exelis is building high-precision receivers for use in OCX ground monitoring stations and satellite signal simulators for testing purposes.

The company also provides critical elements of software in the OCX navigation processing subsystem, which enables controllers to better understand the exact position of GPS satellites. The navigation subsystem also helps ensure accurate navigation information is securely broadcast to users.

As part of the overall GPS modernization effort, Exelis is also on contract with Lockheed Martin to provide payloads for GPS III satellites. 


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