Taiwan To Conduct Computer Assisted War Games To Face Chinese Threats

  • Our Bureau
  • 05:33 PM, May 3, 2015
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Taiwan in a bid to test its military combat readiness facing threat from China will be conducting computer-assisted war games May 4-8, WantChinaTimes website reported Sunday.

The drill will focus on swiftly preparing troops for battle and the mobilization of supplies and reservists.

“The five-day drill is the first stage of the Han Kuang No. 31 exercises, which are designed to test the military's combat capabilities after it completed late last year an initiative to streamline the military,” Major General Zhong Shu-ming, director of the Ministry of National Defense's Joint Operations Division was quoted as saying by the website.

Electronic warfare, cyber attacks and defense simulations will be conducted during the exercise.

Following the May drill, the military will stage exercises using actual personnel from early September on Taiwan proper and on the country's outlying islands, which will include live-fire drills.

The second stage of the annual exercises will test various weapons systems Taiwan has recently acquired from the United States or has developed itself.

Ah-64E Apache Attack helicopters, UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters and P-3C sub-hunting aircraft and Taiwan’s Tuo Jiang stealth missile corvette and Pan Shi supply vessel will be part of the new weapons systems deployed during the September drills.

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