Antonov An-178 Cargo Aircraft Performs Maiden Flight

  • Our Bureau
  • 03:26 PM, May 8, 2015
  • 2700

Antonov announced Thursday that its new short-range medium airlift military transport aircraft, AN−178 new transport, has made its first flight.

The first flight lasted for an hour in Kyiv−Antonov airport (Gostomel). The aircraft has been built in cooperation with partners from 15 countries

First revealed in February 2010, the twin-jet An-178 is intended to replace the An-12 'Cub', the An-26 'Curl', and An-32 'Cline' airlifters. The An-178 is, in essence, an An-158 regional jet with a rear loading ramp (the two types share a number of components, including the front fuselage and cockpit, and nosewheel leg).

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