China Seeks Safety in Encounters with US Armed Forces

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  • 07:58 AM, May 26, 2015
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China will seek to improve rules of behavior for safety of air and maritime encounters with the United States Armed Forces so as to strengthen mutual trust, prevent risks and manage crises.

A white paper of the Peoples Liberation Army released this morning says it will seek a confidence-building measure (CBM) mechanism through the notification of major military activities to the US Navy and other forces.

The Chinese and the US Navies have have had several face-offs in the recent past with the latter opposed to China claiming the entire South China sea as its own.

The white paper says that China's armed forces will continue to foster a new model of military relationship with the U.S. armed forces that conforms to the new model of major-country relations between the two countries.

China will strengthen defense dialogues, exchanges and cooperation with the U.S military, says the document, which is issued by the State Council Information Office.

According to the document, China's armed forces will also further their exchanges and cooperation with the Russian military within the framework of the comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination between China and Russia.

In the spirit of neighborhood diplomacy of friendship, sincerity, reciprocity and inclusiveness, China's armed forces will further develop relations with their counterparts in neighboring countries and work to raise the level of military relations with European counterparts.

China's armed forces will continue the traditional friendly military ties with their African, Latin American and Southern Pacific counterparts, it says.

It will continue to host multilateral events like the Xiangshan Forum, striving to establish a new framework for security and cooperation conducive to peace, stability and prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region, the document adds.

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