Taiwan Unveils Multi-Purpose Assault rifle

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  • 10:14 AM, June 6, 2015
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Taiwan Unveils Multi-Purpose Assault rifle
The gold-plated XT-105 rifle displayed at Kaoshiung's Armament Bureau Photo Courtesy: Want China Times

The Republic of China Armed Forces on Thursday has unveiled a multipurpose assault rifle that features high accuracy and low recoil, an ambidextrous design, and a collapsible stock for easy handling.

Gold-plated model XT-105, developed by the Armament Bureau's 205th armory, was designed to meet requirements for modern urban warfare, counter terrorism and close quarters combat, various media reported Today.

The next-generation weapon, forgoes the three-round burst firing mode, allowing for a more manageable fully automatic mode at lower rate of fire.

The multi-utilization special rifle (MSR) is designed for versatility as it can be fitted with barrels of three different lengths–300mm, 360mm, and 450mm. It was the first off the production line since the 205th Armory set to work on the weapon’s development in 2012.

Further, the 5.56 x 45mm weapon can also be outfitted with attachments, sights, and optical scopes without the need for additional gun mounts and railing systems. The weapon ejects spent shells forward on the right so that the operator is not in danger of burns.

The rifle was displayed at a press event in Kaohsiung. The 205th Armory said that it may consider export of the X105, which can be customized to buyers' needs.

The 205th Armory also showcased the XT-104, a 9mm sub-machine gun with low recoil that can be easily operated even by novices, the K1 pistol with a laser-guided sight, and a close quarters combat version of the armed forces' mainstay T-91 rifle, with a shorter barrel.

The 205th Armory has developed a number of weapons for the ROC Armed Forces including the mainstay T65 and T91 assault rifles, the T-75 20mm cannon, and various other small arms.


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