Sudan Localizes Chinese Anti-Tank Missile System

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  • 02:31 PM, June 10, 2015
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Sudan has localized the Chinese "Red Arrow" HJ-8 anti-tank missile system and the Type 86 infantry vehicle.

A company’s spokes person was quoted as saying by various media that the nation also aims to localize its night vision system but missiles still has to be imported from China.

The Canada-based Kanwa Defense Review reported that Sudan's Military Industry Corporation (MIC Sudan), recently exhibited many Chinese-made military equipment in Abu Dhabi, including the HJ-8 tube-launched, optically tracked, wire-guided anti-tank missile system.

The Sudan has long been importing the HJ-8L system, an upgraded version of the HJ-8C from China. The system has a simplified launcher and reduced launch weight of 22.5 kilograms. However, the basic range remains about 4,000 meters during the day and 3,000 m at night, the company added.

Over the last two years, MIC Sudan has been working to localize the stand and launch tubes of the HJ-8L system. Besides, Sudan has reportedly licensed technology from China North Industries Corporation to produce the Type 86 infantry vehicle.

Apart from basically completing localization efforts, the vehicle's 80 millimeter mortar has been changed to a self-propelled mortar, with a Chinese-made 107 mm Type 63 multiple rocket launcher.

Presently, Sudan is also capable of self-maintaining and repairing the China-imported 85-IIM main battle tank and able to assemble the Chinese WZ551 wheeled armored personnel carrier (known as the Shareef-2 DCA02 in Sudan).

The development has helped Sudan to save the cost of sending machinery back to China for maintenance and repairs.