British Troops To Deploy High-Velocity Missiles in Falklands For Exercise

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  • 01:02 PM, June 22, 2015
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Uk’s Royal Marines will deploy high velocity missiles against incoming attack aircraft during a live-fire training exercise, which will be held in the Falkland Islands next month.

The special exercise is to show that the Falklands can defend itself against air attack. The British made HMV missile is capable of traveling at three times the speed of sound within a second of launching, after which they are guided remotely to their target, the Sunday Express reported.

The soldiers from 14 Battery Royal Artillery and Royal Marines from 3 Commando Brigade’s Air Defense unit are scheduled to fly to the Falklands as part of the on-going ‘roulemont’, or rotation, of British troops which defend the Falklands from attack.

UK Ministry of Defense spokesperson on Saturday said, “A small contingent of Royal Marines will join a routine Army exercise which will take place later in the year".

Last March UK Defense Secretary Michael Fallon announced a ten-year £280million boost to the Falkland Islands’ defences. It includes a new battery of “super missiles” to replace the present Rapier air defence system.

The Royal Marine unit is from the highly secretive Surveillance and Reconnaissance Squadron which also includes electronic warfare and drone teams.

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