Russia Set To Develop Stealth Corvette

  • Our Bureau
  • 01:26 PM, July 7, 2015
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Russia is developing a Rusich 1 trimaran stealth corvette that can shoot straight even in a Force 6 storm conditions.

A small prototype of the Rusich 1 corvette was unveiled during a recent naval show in St. Petersburg. “Last year we built a 12 meter-long, 3.7 ton self-propelled model and it performed way better than a conventional single-hull ship,” Andrei Kharitonov, a representative of the Zelenodol Design Bureau, told RIA Novosti on Sunday.

On the Rusich 1 Trimaran, the engines are placed outside the hull, which makes the ship more stable and allows the installation of all types of armaments.

This year St. Petersburg’s Northern Shipyard will lay the keel of another new generation corvette for the Russian Navy. The ship is a new type of a modular, reconfigurable surface ship.

The corvette has stability and capable of combating even under Force 6 storm conditions.


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