Raytheon's Excalibur Artillery Round Compatible With M198 Howitzer

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  • 03:34 PM, August 24, 2015
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Raytheon's Excalibur Artillery Round Compatible With M198 Howitzer
M198 155mm Towed Howitzer

The US Army has confirmed that Raytheon's Excalibur Increment b (Ib) precision guided artillery round is compatible with the M198 howitzer when used with the Modular Artillery Charge System. 

The US Army's Excalibur Program Office determined the compatabilty on previous Friday in a press release. Further, the compatibility allows allied military forces to use the 155 mm precision munition when firing the M198 howitzer.

Excalibur extends the M198's reach to 31 miles (50 kilometers) and provides an all-weather strike within 6 1/2 feet (2 meters) of the target.

"Many of our international partners have an urgent need to address vital security interests, and Excalibur lb meets that need," said Mark Hokeness, Raytheon's Excalibur program director.

"This eliminates the time and cost of further compatibility testing in the M198 howitzer." Hokeness added. 

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