Netherlands Orders Raytheon’s Excalibur Precision Guided Munitions

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  • 01:15 PM, September 9, 2015
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Netherlands Orders Raytheon’s Excalibur Precision Guided Munitions
Excalibur Precision Guided Projectile (Image: Raytheon)

The Netherlands MoD has ordered Raytheon’s Excalibur Ib precision-guided, extended-range projectile to its arsenal under a previously announced sales agreement.

The Netherlands becomes the second Excalibur lb customer in Europe after Sweden. Deliveries are expected to begin later this year.

"When fired from the Dutch PzH 2000 artillery system, Excalibur can fly up to 50 kilometers, score a direct hit and deliver lethal effects in all types of weather and battlefield conditions," said Mark Hokeness, Raytheon's Excalibur program director in a company statement Tuesday.

"The Netherlands joins the list of nations acquiring this artillery munition, which uses GPS guidance to provide accurate, first-round effects capability at extended ranges," Mark added.

Excalibur Ib is fully compatible with the PzH 2000, a self-propelled howitzer produced in Germany.

Excalibur is a precision-guided, extended-range projectile that uses GPS guidance to provide accurate, first-round-effects capability in any environment. Excalibur's level of precision delivers a major reduction in the time, cost and logistical burden associated with using other artillery munitions.

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