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06:23 AM, September 13, 2015
Indonesia to “Prioritize” Su-35 Aircraft Procurement Despite Budget Cuts
Indonesian Air Force Su-27

The Indonesian Military (TNI) will “prioritize” Su-35 fighter jets procurement along with radars, kilo-class submarines and frigates during the 2016 financial year.

Responding to a planned defense budget cut, Indonesian Military (TNI) chief Gen. Gatot Nurmantyo said that he would order a reduction in the procurement of new weapons but prioritize that needed to confront the actual threats the country is facing.

“With the available budget we will try to adjust to our needs. We will evaluate and make a priority list,” Gatot told reporters on the sidelines of a meeting with the House of Representatives, the Jakarta Post reported Friday.

For instance, in 2016 the Air Force could prioritize buying radars and Sukhoi SU-35 jet fighters, while the Navy could aim to procure submarine-kilo class, frigates and radars. He declined to give details on the Army’s priority list.

“As we plan to turn Indonesia into a maritime axis, we should strengthen our presence in airspace and the sea,” Gatot said.

The Indonesian government  has planned to cut its defense allocation for next year by 6.3 per cent, or Rp 7 trillion (US$490 million). Initially the military needed an additional Rp 35 trillion (US$2.3 billion) to achieve the Minimum Essential Force (MEF) target.

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