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01:22 PM, September 24, 2015

Alion has won $49 million contract from the US Naval Surface warfare center crane to support  intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR) systems and developments.

Warfighters in combat rely on ISR systems for situational awareness, tactical communications and target tracking

The company will provide rapid design, engineering, fabrication and testing of ISR components and systems that have met Technology Readiness Level 6 maturity, a Department of Defense standard of how ready a technology is for testing or use.

This includes components and systems in four technology areas: processing exploitation and dissemination (PED), mobile signals intelligence (SIGINT), sensitive site exploitation and persistent surveillance systems, the company announced Wednesday.

Under this contract, we can help enhance systems, build software-defined radios and develop effective sensors to support the effort, said Chris Amos, Alion Senior Vice President and Manager.

“We will also produce models and short runs of actual products in each of the technology areas, giving warfighters the ability to evaluate working components and systems, quickly and cost-effectively”, Amos added.

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