Our Bureau
12:58 PM, October 5, 2015

Deco-Nayar a joint venture between Indian Nayar group and US Deco will provide a tactical blueprint for law enforcement and counter-terrorism agencies in India.

The joint venture to Implement Critical Incident Strategies can be integrated into tactical training, security solutions and the application of force protection technology, Deco-Nayar said in a statement Monday.

Increase in the number of terrorist attacks and the need to secure urban infrastructure against acts of terror have led for a requirement of a proactive, strategic, planning/training model to counter new challenges to law enforcement, the company said.

Deco-Nayar will assist Law Enforcement Agencies in the development of urban investigative strategies and the implementation of tactical solutions to effectively combat Terrorism and Narco-Trafficking. The training will assist in refining enforcement policy, operational and tactical strategies.

Deco-Nayar will also provide advisors who will be available to support additional training needs as they develop and assist in obtaining enforcement technology and protection hardware to ensure success.